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Truly pampered; mind, body& soul
Our Uniqueness
Our mission is to provide the customer with a unique experience – one that allows them to uncover new products and services of local and international businesses through a subscription box they receive every month. By doing so, we aim to promote and support a variety of businesses, and to familiarize our customers with new brands and offerings so that they may take advantage of all the finest products and services they may offer. We meet the aspirations of our customers across different product categories, such as Health & Beauty, Kids, and Home.
The surprise element is what sets our concept apart. Imagine coming home after a hectic day to find a nice package waiting for you, with products and services you never knew you needed – all at a great value!

Our Target Audience

We cater to the average working person with the desire, but not enough time to go out and indulge themselves in a variety of great products or services; and would therefore, delight in receiving our monthly subscription boxes right to their doorstep. Our customer is someone who likes being pampered and enjoys trying out cool new products and services. Our customer is a much-appreciated mom who we would like to offer a delightful break from the pressures of daily life and invite to find pleasure unboxing our packages. She is the mom who deserves to be pampered and appreciates us not forgetting her kids.
We believe that not only women would enjoy our services but also young men who love to try new products and services and find new ways to take care of their health. Our customer is the person who is eager to use good quality and health enhancing products but does not know where to start, therefore would value our guidance.
Our customer is someone who enjoys décor, whether it’s for their home, their office or their little cozy corner.
Our customer is the young woman or man who are obsessed with fashion trends and are in search for products and services that will help them look and feel better.

Our Objectives

- To give our customers the best experience possible from the moment they receive their package. We strive to keep our customers excited to receive our selected package of products and services every month.
- To introduce customers to local businesses while supporting local businesses to get out there and find new customers through our platform. Our most important aim is to work with local businesses and promote their products so that they too, can showcase their profiles to potential customers in the best way possible.
- To educate our customers about the products and services they are receiving in order to encourage them to use those products and services in the best possible way.

Our Story

The Package was founded in 2020 in Muscat, Oman and is owned and managed online by two ambitious Omani young ladies, Shurooq Sultan and Sara Al Busaidi. The founders started the company after combining different ideas, experiences, and views to come up with a unique business that serves
a unique community of targeted audience. The partners went on with their lives with one of them earning her Master’s degree in Management while the other started a career in Accounting and Finance, all the while knowing that someday, they would love to truly put all their efforts and resources into this concept. Further away, while in quarantine due to the global pandemic (COVID-19) that struck the world, the founders began to put together all the little details of how their ideas will see the light. They were determined to come out of this with something positive for their community. They both understood the importance of providing such a service especially when one of the goals is to support local businesses.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create a platform where businesses have the opportunity to display their best self, through their products, services and brands.
Our Vision
To bridge the gap between brands and customers.
Our Look to the Future
Our first priority towards our partners is to ensure reaching all our local businesses and offer them a chance to showcase their products and services in order to reach their potential customers through us. In the near future, we hope to include international brands.
Our top priority towards the customers is to provide them with great products and services.

Who are we?

Our journey began in early 2020 when we identified a gap in the market. We understood that although people would like to treat themselves as much as they can, they simply don’t have the time. By subscribing to “The Package”, our customers will receive the products and services right to their doorstep.

Our goal:

Our hope for “The Package” is to create a platform where all businesses can promote their products. We believe that this way, businesses get to reach more customers and change the way marketing works by taking it to the next level and introducing “tangible marketing.” 

Our message to you:

As founders, we hope to encourage businesses to join us in our mission to reach customers all over the world and together; we will maximize their potential. To our customers, we are optimistic that our package will bring you as much joy as it brought us while creating it for you. Your experience and feedback matters to us.

Sara Al Busaidi & Shurooq Sultan

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