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About Us

Beyond Beauty is a leading beauty retailer based in Oman, stocking over 5,000 products across 50 big-name brands, designer labels, and high street favorites.

Launched in 2022, we specialize in selling branded beauty products, including fragrances, and body care essentials, along with a full range of gift sets.

Originally focusing on the fragrance market and expanding our ranges, sourcing the products you are looking for, following trends, offering luxury brands as well as making sure that we are always focused on stocking all your essential beauty items.

What we do best

Our e-store makes shopping for your products easier than ever, so you can get what you love for less, in a couple of clicks. Customer Service also features top of our list. A dedicated 5 days a week customer service team and fast to-your-door delivery.

Keep in touch

If you need to chat, simply get in touch with our friendly team now. No query is too small. If it’s a question on delivery or advice on beauty tips, our highly trained team are here to help you. Alternatively, visit our retail store in Markaz Al Bahja, Oman to buy our top makeup and fragrances in person.