This document must be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for Use of this Website.

  • Barterers must abide by all the applicable NABAY.COM's policies.
  • Restricted and forbidden items/services as set out in these Terms and Conditions cannot be bartered on NABAY.COM.
  • NABAY.COM merely provides a Barter Exchange platform to its users, NABAY.COM’s disclaimers as set out in the Disclaimer section of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Barter Exchange.
  • Barterers shall pay the upload fee for each item uploaded on the Barter Exchange in accordance with the terms set out in the Barterers’ Guide.
  • Group Functionality
    The responsibility for the Group will be of a Group SuperAdmin. The SuperAdmin shall be exclusively responsible for the Group members’ invitations, inclusions and exclusions and generally for the management and administration of the Group. NABAY.COM shall not be responsible if any item intended to be posted for Group bartering is inadvertently listed on the Barter Exchange for public viewing and bartering.
  • Whenever, following a barter transaction, you decide that goods are exchanged in person, stay safe by following these guidelines:
    • Never meet at home (neither yours nor the other barterer’s)
    • Always meet in a public place
    • Always meet during the day and not at nighttime
    • Tell a trusted friend or family member what you're doing and, if possible, have another friend or family member accompany you to the transaction.
    • Don't disclose personal information such as home or business address or banking information.

NABAY.COM shall not be held responsible for any consequences of a meeting arranged by barterers to exchange items.

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